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Automotive electronic theft continues to grow in recent years. Today, with an equipment costing about ten euros, thieves can steal a vehicle in just a few seconds, thanks in particular to blank ignition keys.
By 2015, nearly 75% of car thefts were electronic thefts, also called "mouse jacking"

The OBD2 Firewall is the result of a close collaboration between various automotive electronics experts and is the response to this vehicle theft method.

The OBD2 Firewall easily connects to the diagnostic plug (OBD) of your car. It will prevent any electronic communication while keeping the operation of the vehicle absolutely unchanged.
It will then be impossible to reprogram a key or a boot card, cancel the boot code of the computer, or any electronic fraudulent manipulation.

The OBD2 Firewall comes with a remote control to switch between its 2 modes:

  • The "Anti-theft" mode: the electronic communication is blocked.
  • The "Normal" mode: the electronic communication is again authorized; For example for maintenance on your vehicle.

The installation of the system is simple, fast and discreet. It does not modify any cable from OBD2. No soldering is necessary, the OBD2 Firewall is simply made of a plug to connect, connected to a box to conceal according to your choice (in the dashboard for example)

Compatible vehicles :

Model Year (starting from)
Mini Countryman 2012
Mini ONE 2012