Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
(last updated 27/10/2023 )


Any order automatically implies full and unreserved acceptance by the client of the following conditions.
The customer acknowledges having read these conditions mentioned including our scales .
The general conditions of purchase of any client that is inconsistent with these terms and conditions shall not bind Univers Club Auto.

Article 1: Scope of Application and Modification of Terms and Conditions

These general conditions of sale apply to all orders placed on the internet or www.universclub.com www.universclub.fr website orders.
Univers Club Auto reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these terms and conditions. If modified , it will be applied to each order the general terms and conditions in force at the date of the order.

Article 2 : Availability of products

Upon receipt of your order, we check the availability of (or) product (s) ordered. In case of unavailability , we undertake within 21 days of confirmation of the order is to deliver the ordered product or to make an asset of the value of the product (s) not supplied.
The date of validation of the order corresponds to the date of the order for payment by credit card online or at the date of the order for professionals with the terms of special regulation.
In case of unavailability of the product (s) in your order, we will ship the rest of your order and put the remainder in the product (s) unavailable.
Any order partially delivered or made ​​can not be canceled .

Article 3 : Validation controls and electronic signature ( Act of 13 March 2000 on the electronic signature)

Any order is deemed to have been passed in the name and for the account of the client regardless of the place of delivery.
Any order signed by the consumer validation constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can be challenged only within the limits set out in these terms and conditions .
Validation associated with the authentication procedure and control and protection of the integrity of messages is an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between the parties as well as a handwritten signature.

Article 4 : Price

4.1 - General
Univers Club Auto reserves the right to change prices at any time but is committed to applying the rates that were displayed at the time of your order.
Please note that in case of display price.The obviously ridiculous ( low price ) , regardless of the reason ( IT bug , manual error, technical error. ), The command itself validated by us will be canceled, we will inform you as soon as possible . You will then be able , if you wish to iron your order at the correct and exact price.

4.2 - Specific conditions for discounted products
In promotion period , the products are identified by a label , marked " flash sale ", " coupon " , or crossed out price.

Article 5 : Method of Payment and Security

5.1 - Credit Card
Payment is made on the secure server of our bank partner (Paypal ) . This implies that no banking information concerning you is transmitted via the internet or www.universclub.com www.universclub.fr site. Payment by credit card is perfectly secure ; your order will be recorded and confirmed upon acceptance of payment by the bank you choose.
5.2 - Security
The details of your credit card details are encrypted on your computer thanks to the high level protocol SSL 128 bits before being transmitted to the payment server . So they never transmitted unencrypted over the network . Payment is made ​​directly to the bank. Univers Club Auto has no access to these details, and do not keep them on the server. That is why they are called back for each new transaction on our site.

Univers Auto Club reserves the right to cancel or suspend orders and deliveries underway, especially in the event of late payment without prejudice to any other remedy .
Non-compliance with payment deadlines will result in immediate cancellation of all rebates, discounts or rebates granted to the customer.
It will have no established some kind in case of non compliance with payment deadlines .

5.4 - Penalty clause
If the failure of the customer necessitates litigation or judicial recovery , the client agrees to pay in addition to the principal, costs, expenses and fees ordinarily and legally dependent, compensation at 20% of the principal amount of Tax the claim and , as damages and conventional standard .

Article 6 : Retention of ownership

Univers Auto Club retains ownership of the goods until payment of the integrity of the price in principal and accessories.
Failure to pay any of the installments may result in claims of property even in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation of the customer.
These provisions do not prevent the transfer to the buyer upon delivery, risk of loss and damage of goods sold as well as they could cause damage .
Advance payments will revert to Univers Club Auto even when returning goods . The return of the goods shall be at the expense and risk of the customer.

Article 7 : Delivery - Transport

The products are delivered to the delivery address you provided during the ordering process.
Univers Club Auto chooses the mode of transport best suited to the smooth flow of goods. Goods are available in advanced port.
In all cases , the goods travel at the risk of the recipient.
Under Article 104 of the Commercial Code , the carrier's liability is limited to three ( 3) days.
The customer must verify or have its agents or employees , upon receipt of the delivery, the number, condition and conformity of the goods.
If missing , damage or damage , it must notify the carrier within forty- eight ( 48) hours of receipt by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

7.1 - Shipping Colissimo
The amount of shipping is calculated based on weight of the items ordered and delivery area. The amount of shipping is displayed after calculation on the first page of the basket.

7.2 - Shipping Time
Any item in stock shipped within 24 to 48 hours.
If unavailable product shipping can varied between 3 and 21 days depending on the type of product ordered.
These times are calculated in working days.
They correspond to the time of treatment, preparation and shipping of your order ( output warehouses). They run upon confirmation of the order.
At this time, we must add the delivery carrier : Colissimo .

7.3 - Delivery
The ordered product is delivered by Colissimo circuit depending on the nature of the product ordered and exclusive initiative Univers Club Auto at the address on the order form . The time is indicated from our warehouses.
Colissimo deliveries are made Monday to Saturday (Saturday by region)
If the command requires more packages to ship , we only charge once postage .

7.4 - Compliance Delivery
Upon delivery , if the customer finds that the merchandise is not in accordance with the delivery , or is damaged , it must notify by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt Univers Club Auto within fourteen (14) days reception .
Otherwise, the customer will be deemed to have accepted delivery without reservation .
Failure to comply with a part of the delivery does not relieve the obligation to pay all the goods for which there is no dispute.

All returns must be an express prior agreement Univers Club Auto . In this case, the goods must be returned in its original packaging , postage paid, within one (1) months (from date of invoice).
It is the customer to provide any change as to the reality of defects or anomalies observed.
Defects or workmanship recognized after an adversarial examination is the responsibility of Univers Club Auto until free replacement of defective goods or refund by having no other compensation whatsoever .

Univers Club Auto disclaims any liability including , in the case of use of its non- conformity with the manufacturer's products, improper installation or alteration .

Article 8 : Responsibilities

Univers Club Auto can not be held liable for breach of contract for due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure, in particular in case of total or partial strike of postal services , carriers, and disasters caused by floods or fires.
Any delay in delivery is attributable to a particular provider Univers Club Auto will not invalidate the order. The responsibility of Univers Club Auto can not be held liable for any damages resulting from the delay.
The selection and purchase of a product or service are under the sole responsibility of the customer . The total or partial inability to use the products due to incompatibility of equipment shall not give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or because the responsibility of Univers Club Auto.

8.1 Limitations of Warranty
Are not covered by the warranty
- The cost of removal and replacement parts sold by Univers Club Auto. They are the sole responsibility of the buyer including in case of malfunction of the purchased part or in case of error choices when ordering parts .
- Damage due to non compliance with manufacturer's instructions.
- Damage to the device due to fire, explosion , provided they arise in property other than the unit itself.
- Damage to the liability of a third party or resulting from intentional or willful misconduct .
- The Damage due to acts of malice or a cause external to the appliance impact, fall , flight , lightning, fire , water damage , power surge, misuse, mishandling , climate change , causing corrosion or moisture abnormal heat or all risks covered by homeowners' insurance.
- Damage resulting from energy use of employment or non-compliant with the manufacturer's installation.
- External parts: varnish , enamel, lacquer, paint.
- Units with serial number has been defaced , modified or removed .

In case of return the customer a defective part , Univers Club Auto can not be held liable to a Customer or any third party for any indirect damages , any loss of profit or turnover occurred in any manner whatsoever.
We recall that any electrical installation must first be checked by a professional before powering up .

Article 9: Returns

9.1 - Back to reference error
9.1.1 - Return Policy
You have fourteen (14) days to notify us that the product received is not the product ordered : reference error , problem size, color , features , completely different product ... so that our customer service assigns you a number return agreement .
The product must be returned in good condition and in its original packaging , even if it has been opened, with all its contents (accessories, cables , manuals ... ) .
To process your request, thank you for reminding us your order number and your full contact details.

9.1.2 - Processing your return for errors reference
After receipt and acceptance of your package by us , depending on the nature of the product, availability, we will provide you reship the product initially ordered . If unavailable product , we will send you the amount of product you .

9.2 - Returns to retraction
9.2.1 - Return Policy
Pursuant to Article L.121- 20 et seq of the French Consumer Code , you have a period of fourteen (14) working days from the date of delivery of your order days to return any item does not suit you , in its original packaging and in good condition , clean its reletting and request an exchange or refund without penalty , except for return shipping costs . You have fourteen (14) days to notify us that you wish you retract so that our customer service assigns you a number of return agreement .

ATTENTION: No withdrawal will be accepted if the returned product is unsuitable for its re-marketing . Therefore : the product must be returned in perfect condition in its original packaging, unopened, unsealed , undamaged , unmarked .... The product must be accompanied with all its accessories ( manuals , cords , remote controls, security , etc ...) .
Otherwise, the product will be returned at your expense .
To process your request, thank you for reminding us your order number and your full contact details.

9.2.2 - Processing your return for withdrawal
After receipt and acceptance of your package by us , we will send you the amount of product you .

9.2.3 - Cost of return for withdrawal
Return costs in case of withdrawal remain the responsibility of the customer.

Article 10 : Service Guarantee

Products sold by Univers Club Auto are guaranteed for 12 months from the date shown on the packing slip.
This warranty only covers replacement of the defective product under the conditions defined in Article 7.4 of the present.
Univers Club Auto suspend any intervention in the after-sales service or warranty in the event of non- payment of invoice (s) due.
The guarantee will be applicable provided that the materials are in their configuration, packaging , original condition ; if one of these warranty whatsoever is possible.

Article 11 : Insurance

The customer agrees to provide , at its expense , the goods against all risks of loss, theft, damage from a reputable company, the date of delivery.

Article 12: Provisions of the " IT and Freedom" law

At any time, you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you ( art. 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés " of January 6 , 1978 ) .

Article 13 : Company Information

Univers Club Auto is located :
8 Rue des Pêcheurs, 94100 Saint Maur des Fosses, France
Siren No. 799109517

Contact Univers Club Auto Customer Service :

- For the Customer Service line : from the "Contact" page

- By phone at +33 (0) 1 43 97 28 58 ( during opening hours )
Warning , this phone number is reserved for customer service Univers Club Auto, for questions regarding a pending order .
For technical questions, please use the "Contact" page .

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday : 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Friday : from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00

Article 14: Nullity of a clause

If any provision of these terms of sale was void or annulled , the others would be provided canceled .

Article 15: Jurisdiction

In case of dispute , even if there are multiple defendants , the Courts of Créteil will have exclusive jurisdiction of all claims , whether an application principal or incidental , interlocutory , or to intervene in guaranteed.
The issuance of bills of exchange or acceptance of regulations shall neither change nor exceptions to this jurisdiction clause .

Article 16 : Disputes

This contract is subject to French law. Any dispute, whatever the place of delivery, which may arise from the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the competent courts of the jurisdiction of Commerce (Créteil, France).
Univers Club Auto Responsibility under the terms and conditions of sale may not exceed an amount equal to the amounts paid or payable in the transaction giving rise to such liability , regardless of the cause or form of action concerned.