Tetrax XWAY

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Brand: Tetrax

Magnetic car holder for cell phones, iPad, GPS Systems...

The Tetrax XWAY is a universal car support magnetic system compatible with any electronic device; mobile phone, GPS, touch pad, speed cameras detector, etc..

Thanks to its patented technology, powerful magnets and thermoplastic rubber plates ensure a perfect fit and stability to your phone, tablet, GPS, or speed cam detector.

Compact, discreet and lightweight, it clips onto an air vent of your dashboard, while an included magnetic pad is to stick on the back of your device.

ipad car holder, iphone car holder, universal car holder, xway tetraxPackage contents :
- 1 Tetrax XWAY
- 2 metal clips 14mm adhesive 3M to stick to the back of small devices (GPS, speed cameras detectors...)
- 2 metal clips 25 mm adhesive 3M for medium devices (cell phones...)
- 2 metal clips 35 mm adhesive 3M for big devices (iPad...)
- 1 cleaning wet tissue
- User guide

Specifications :
One magnetized, the device can be pivoted.
Up to 400 grams
Recommended for a screen size up to 7.9 inches.
Size : 47x44 mm



Tetrax XWAY, GPS, Smartphones Samsung, Iphone holder for car

Tetrax XWAY, ipad holder, iphone holder, samsung holder